Monday, May 31, 2010

Religion On The Radiowaves

"Speaking of Faith," a talk radio show from American Public Media, got some great coverage from The New York Times this week.

Creator and host Krista Tippett describes her radio show as a vocation: “I get asked if I consider this show a ministry. I do like the word ‘vocation,’ a calling. If it is a ministry, it’s a ministry of listening rather than talking.”

That, friends, is the beauty of journalism. The focus is not on the storyteller, but rather on the story-maker.

Finally, I love how Tippett describes the religion beat:
“Religion is a touchy subject. You’re really getting at the core of people’s identities, an intimate place. This religious sphere in our public life is very charged, and I want to disarm that.”

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cavemen, Mountain Men and Cadets: Where They Worship

Sara Pulliam, online editor of Christianity Today, tipped me off to this sweet gallery of the "50 Most Extraordinary Churches of the World."

Want to praise God in a re-vamped Shell Station? Like a moss-covered cathedral built into a hill? A chapel built from sticks or tipped upside down? This site has it all.