Thursday, April 2, 2009

Swirling Questions

This journey of media and faith seems to be following me everywhere. 

Just a few nights I had a celebratory dinner for the Center for Faith and Vocation. Since I am completing my internship through the CFV, I was invited and mingled with supporters of the CFV and CFV scholarship students. At my table, I sat with Sally Click, Dean of Student Services,  and Tom Weede, VP of Enrollment Management. There were a few others at my table (but I apologize for not remembering everyone's name!) Sally asked me about my major and our table began discussing the state of journalism today. 

Also this week, my chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (of which I am VP), hosted a "Pro Panel" of media professionals. It was a great turnout and I think the other students learned a lot about the state of media today.

The positive thing is that, though some may be claiming the "gloom and doom" of American newspapers, etc., one thing we can be excited about is that there will always be a need for news consumption. It's just that the format is changing. I think "our" generation is ready to embrace that. Recent changes I've seen include using flip video cameras, news organizations using Twitter to post news updates and creating interactive news sites, like CNN.

I also subscribe to Google Alerts, which are a godsend! I currently have Google Alerts for my university, the city I live in and "higher education." The alerts email me once a day with links to any site that has used the phrase or word I have an alert for. It's been really helpful in giving me story ideas for the campus newspaper, and even ideas for this blog!


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