Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bullock's Redemption

About six months ago I gave a rather critical review of "The Proposal," a flimsy romantic comedy. I was disgusted by Sandra Bullock's performance - and her portrayal women. My opinion on that movie has not changed.

Tonight, however, Bullock demonstrated her "serious" side of acting in "The Blind Side." She plays a soccer mom with a high dose of Southern sass. It was great to see Christ's love portrayed in a mainstream movie with high-profile actors.

To be fair, NPR's "Tell Me More" asks if "The Blind Side" isn't really another story about "The Great White Hope" (a black male saved by rich, white people).

But I digress. I still give props to Bullock for a daring and mature performance - she's even up for a few awards.


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