Saturday, March 27, 2010

Too Big Yo

The Butler Bulldogs did it. We made it to the Final Four - for the first time in history. Conveniently, the Final Four will be held in our own backyard. Now for the headlines:

Here's what the campus celebration looked like:

With two of my good friends Christina and Hope.

Celebrating in our lecture hall. We watched the game on TV. It was a stampede out of the building and into the streets.

Students flooded the streets after we won the game.

Yes, that's President Bobby Fong crowd surfing.

And, if you're not acquainted with the "Too Big Yo" internet meme, it's a rap song written and produced by a few of our Butler basketball players. Even the cheerleading squad has jumped on board with a few of their own music videos.

Now, our boys are headed back home. We'll welcome them back at 1 AM Sunday morning and then gear up for the Final Four. Indianapolis is going to be ablaze this week!


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