Sunday, November 28, 2010

Web Finds: Future of Family, Secular Donations, and Civic Projects

Consider this post the equivalent of the Google Reader. Let's call it the Digital Disciple Reader - these are just a few these that have crossed my computer screen lately, and I thought they'd be worth sharing.

1. I made my podcast debut last week on the Bluevine Collective! Media Ministry Special Matt Peyton interviewed me about my experience at the Rally To Restore Sanity.

2. Do you manage any pages on Facebook? This post from Inside Facebook explains the Zuckerberg has further opened up analytics (called "Facebook Insights") so social media managers can see the number of impressions per post.

3. Last week I made a recipe from Melanie Spring's blog (Ricotta & Herb Pasta) I don't know Melanie personally, but I did spot her blog post about "Tithing To Support The Faith Community"

4. Pew Research has a few great reports out there. I haven't read either of them in depth, but I think they're definitely worth reading:

5. What would it be like to live for an entire month without human interaction - real life, that is? One woman conducted a social experiment by living in a storefront. She couldn't talk to other humans in real life, but rather she use social networks as much as possible. How did it affect her? Read about the Public Isolation Project.

6. A few weeks ago, my friend Ethan Klapper sent me an invite to RockMelt, a new web browser. If you haven't heard about it yet, the New York Times wrote a primer on how to use the very-social-browser. It really integrates your social networks into one web experience.

7. And for fun, BreadPeople.


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