Saturday, January 8, 2011

Web Finds: iPhone's big announcement, get your LinkedIn up-to-date, and CES: what you're NOT missing

The Wall Street Journal confirms it: Verizon and the iPhone are FINALLY getting married. Don't know if I'll be at the wedding just yet - I need to do a bit of smartphone shopping.

Slate actually called the Consumer Electronics Show "pointless."

It's a new year -- not a bad time to re-evaluate things, including your LinkedIn profile. Dana Nelson calls it "the social network for grownups." Check out her tips. The Glassdoor blog also provides some strong pointers.

According to a recent Gallup poll, those who described themselves as "very religious" had a lower risk of depression. "Don't stop believin'!"

An evangelical makes the case that interfaith cooperation honors God.

It's so easy to click a button and subscribe to a blog. But Community Organizer 2.0 suggests that job seekers and networkers should fine-tune their subscriptions to truly reflect professional goals. Read blogs because the posts make you think.

Vadim Lavrusik tweeted about Goldman Sachs' recent investment in Facebook. The article from CNN says "we are witnessing the beginning of the end of Facebook." Can you say, "Friend-me-now-before-the-Apocalypse-hits?"

Mobile is now. The FCC chairman makes a case for it, and promises to move net neutrality to the top of his agenda in 2011.


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