Friday, February 11, 2011

Bad Weather Is Divine

Plodding along
A snowy, slushy path,
I give in to the elements.
A fury of flurries,
a silent downpour,
Gridlock hits the grid.
Buses delayed.
Trains jammed to capacity.
Gray shadows fill every street corner.
I am a character in a crowd in a silent film.
I pause,
Basking in my helplessness.
Unable to stop weather.
At the whim of transit.
Much like resting in God.
Not scary, but gentle.
A submission to the Divine.
There is comfort in letting go,
In letting yourself get swept up
In His presence.
It requires patience, discomfort
But when the burden shifts to Him,
The traffic, the mess
Is oh-so-beautiful.

Originally posted on The Bluevine Collective


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