Sunday, July 12, 2009

Being Green and the Livin's Easy

Living in a house full of interns means I've got a backstage pass to all kinds of Indianapolis events. Literally. 

Housemate @BUChristina is an exceptionally well-connected gal and has a passion for social justice and eco-friendly pursuits. So when she told me about a volunteer opportunity that could get us into a free No Doubt concert, I was quick to sign up!

We drove up to the Verizon Wireless Music Center, arrived early, and asked nearly every security guard in sight where the volunteers were supposed to meet. After a bit of searching, we found our peers - mainly young high school and college kids. The opportunity was through Helping Indy Online, a hub of information for people who just want to help out. 

The plan was to grab a trash-picker-upper... you know, one of those metal sticks with a claw at the end? I was ready to go, but then Christina astutely pointed out that no one was carrying plastic bottles or cans. The result was...we couldn't actually do the volunteer work. Bummer, because I was looking to earn my Girl Scout badge for community service. Just kidding. But I really did want to help out. The venue held 25,000 Gwen Stefani/ska fans...and as we left, I couldn't help but notice all the non-recyclable cups that littered the lawn -- cups, Christina pointed out -- that will probably remain in our landfills for thousands of years. 

But enough of that. One surprise bonus was running into Scott, "The Face" of MyIndy TV (that's channel 23 in Indianapolis). I first met him when I worked at the 500 Festival as an intern with WISH TV this summer. We scored a few pictures with him and he reminded us to stay hydrated. There was 'no doubt' (pun intended) - it was hot.

When the concert started, Christina and I ran into some Pi Beta Phi sisters. We all gathered on the lawn, and as the sun set over the hills, we all sang out "It's My Life!"- reminded of those junior high dances. Gwen's lyrics aren't all that God-glorifying, but she sure knew how to entertain the crowd with her eccentric dance moves and exotic hairdo.

This is really was summer nights are all about. 

PS - You can read Christina's POV on her Butler blog post about the No Doubt concert.


Christina Lear said...

: ) I like the blog! And sorry if I get a little too depressing with my landfill talk! I appreciate you listening to me all the time. I'm so glad we were able to go to the concert together!!

Meg B said...

Haha! I just noticed your comment here. I was so glad you invited me. And no doubt you are a positive environmental influence on my life!

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