Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taboo Watercooler Talk

Sex! Politics! Religion! Oh, my!

Sending smiles to Pastor Stan over at the Bluevine Collective. He emailed me this photo of an advertisement recently that really captures the humor of religion in public life.

This advertisement in Christian Century intrigues me. Sex, politics and religion are topics society tells us to stay away. Ironically, this idea only makes me want to examine them more closely. (Imagine that!)

What about religion, or spirituality, has intrigued you, but silenced you? What is stopping you from talking about it? Some of the best cultural shifts have come from asking questions, from going "there." I'm reminded of "Degrassi" a Canadian TV show aimed at teens, during which literally no topics are off-limits. In fact, the United States media banned some episodes that covered controversial teen issues. But claiming a topic controversial does not deny its existence.

No epic character goes without experiencing some risk. Otherwise, why read the book? Why watch the movie? Risk makes life worth living. Risk creates change.

Controversy? I want it. Bring it on.


Fysh Phoenix-- said...

I hate to disappoint you by agreeing with you right away (undermining the controversy) but I agree that a noticeable change cannot come without some risk.
So... what HAS intrigued me about Spiritual life but given me pause? God has actually given me a period of rapid growth the past three months. I think it is the need to always feel like I know what I am talking about that has chained me in spiritual matters. We are taught to rely so heavily on our cognitive capacities that, when the time comes to say something meaningful about what is an intuitive aspect of our humanity,... it gets scary?
"What if other people start thinking the same things about me that I think about [group X]?"
That concern has often left me on the side-lines, choosing my words.
The thing I needed most in my life a few months ago was actually to go to the park and play my instrument with no music... it's amazing what God could do when my "thinking" mind was at rest.

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