Saturday, June 4, 2011

Web Finds: Summer Reads, N.T. Wright and Don Miller

Time for another roundup of assorted links!

Doris Nhan from the SmartBlog on Social Media writes about how Discovery's Gayle Weiswasser manages multiple social media accounts. The key point here - and also from my professional work experience - is that each account is unique and must be managed accordingly.

If God told you everything was going to turn out awesome, do you think you'll have to go through a lot of hard times? That's how Don Miller starts his talk at Catalyst.

Rob Bell earned a whole lot of press back in March with the release of his latest book, "Love Wins". Everyone - from pastors to atheists - seemed to be talking about it. Out of all the coverage, N.T. Wright makes a solid point: why focus so much on Hell, when we should be more focused on Heaven? If we're going to "cause a stir," let's do it in a way that glorifies God.

This came out of left field -- I had no idea that Butler Basketball Coach Stevens attended St. Luke's UMC in Indianapolis. (It's the same church that runs The Bluevine Collective blog). The Indianapolis Star wrote a really wonderful profile of Stevens that talks about his quiet faith. 

I've been cleaning up my Google Reader, and in the process found two neat nonprofit association blogs, The Glamorous Life and The Hourglass Blog.

I think Beth Kanter posted this - it's the Security In-a-Box, a website to help you clean up your digital files (a really great resource for NGOs).

NPR Books has come out with a red-hot list for some cool summer reading. I've already added a few to my GoodReads

Commencement addresses are wrapping up. I found an intriguing speech from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg ("The Women Of My Generation Blew It, So Equality Is Up To You"). She spoke to the women of Barnard College on May 17. 

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