Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Convention: Day 1

As I get ready for bed tonight, I can already tell this is going to be an eye-opening experience.

My roommate is originally from Brazil and grew up in the Catholic Church. She attends Union College, in Kentucky, on a soccer scholarship and is studying communications and religion. But that's how most of the scholarship recipients are - studying a merge of journalism and religion in undergrad, or else working towards a Master of Divinity ("M-Div" for short). We represent Protestant denominations, Catholicism, Islam and no denomination. Looking forward to some interesting conversations to spark!

I'm one of about 10 scholarship students. We're here at the RCC Convention to assist with the workshops, registration and do some promotional (video, writing and otherwise) for next year's convention, which happens to be the RCC Congress 2010, to be held in Chicago. Convenient!

Earlier today (and I got here super early) I did my own walking tour of the Cambridge neighborhood. I grabbed lunch at the upscale "Galleria" mall, observed the mix of people  - diverse backgrounds, ages, collegiate and not. 

With my extra time, I jogged up and down the Charles River - to MIT and back. After my 5K last weekend, the two miles today was a breeze. It was a cool, but the sunshine was gorgeous as it reflected off the water. Boston is growing on me. And its only been 12 hours.


Corin said...

Hey girlie! I didn't know you had a blog. I'm a little slow so explain...what is this for? Just for fun?
Love ya babe!

Fysh Phoenix-- said...

Hey Meg! It's been great talking to you-- would you like to be my first blog-buddy on this site? I just set one up on Blogspot to keep up with you and others who are gradually turning up here. So... hi!

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