Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hooked In: Part II


I couldn't finish my day without mentioning I got a shout out from Evan McBroom on his blog . He chatted about me after I chatted about him. Seems cyclical, doesn't it? 

He congratulated me on my first blog post and we discussed my first "business trip" conference -- to Boston this week, for the Religion Communicators Council. I am a student scholarship recipient, so for five days I'll be learning and networking and learning more about what God has called me to do! 

I know I'm super-pumped for what's in store! BAH-ston, here I come!

The photo above is McBroom's company, Fishhook. It is based in Indianapolis, but they do work regionally and one employee even lives in Florida. That's the power of communications! 


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