Tuesday, May 12, 2009

everything i've WISHed for

Today I began as a news intern at the Indianapolis CBS affiliate: WISH TV 8. I can't tell how I excited I've been to begin this internship. This is my first TV-based internship, so I'll really be in that broadcast, edge-of-your-seat environment.

It's been great to find other believers in this environment. On my first day, I shadowed Jim Scott at the assignment desk. He told me about a ministry he started through Old Bethel United Methodist Church. It's called Celebration Puppeteers. Jim explained that he and his team make puppets and use puppet storytelling to spread the good news. And he does this on the side, all while he's been working at WISH for over 30 years!

I take this as a sign from God to trust that he will put other believers in my life as mentors and guides, even in an industry that takes a lot of heat and criticism at times.

Overall, I am praying that God will give me the courage to be ambitious and enterprising in this internship, which I think will challenge me in ways I've never been challenged. But I know that any time I give God my complete trust, I am always happy with the results.


liz said...

way to keep the faith girl :)
im so glad things are going well for you!
-liz moy

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