Sunday, August 16, 2009

Disciple Spotlight: Ashley

Ashley leaves for New Zealand in September. She's a friend from ResLife and Campus Crusade, but our friendship has developed far beyond those activities.

This summer she invited me to be part of a bible study. A mixed age group of college women gathered every Friday on campus to study from Beth Moore's "Stepping Up" study.

Her next adventures takes her to New Zealand to be part of a long-term mission project with Campus Crusade. I was going to tell her story, but she tells it her own way quite well!

When I was a freshman in college I became a Christian in college. The Lord used many people and circumstances to show me His abundant love for me. It was through Campus Crusade for Christ that I was able to get involved in Bible Studies, be mentored by older women, and to share my faith with others. It was in this environment that the Lord truly drew me closer to Him and opened my eyes to the rest of the world's need for Him.

New Zealand is the 3rd most politically liberal country in the world, one where truth is relative and because of that hope is scarce and apathy is the norm. This is evident in the high suicide and domestic abuse rate. These are only just a few of the reasons that I feel called to share the gospel on college campuses in New Zealand's capital city.

Because Campus Crusade for Christ has no central funds for paying salaries and missionary expenses I must find a team of 15 people who can give $100 a month or some other amount to support the ministry.

If you are interested in hearing more about my heart for the Kiwi's (New Zealand-ers) or if you have questions about the ministry and how we specifically impact students in New Zealand please email me at If you are interested in giving, you can visit my ministry website.

In Him,
Ashley Kohl

Please be praying for Ashley as she embarks on this year-and-a-half journey...halfway around the world. I am so proud of her courage and know she will change lives.


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