Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Indy In August

Apparently August is when the really cool events happen in Indianapolis. While I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer here, I have to leave next week to prepare for my semester in Washington, D.C.

Therein lies my task for you, dear readers.

The following are some extremely cool events, and I need you to enjoy them for me, since I can't. Okay? Here we go:
  • Indiana State Fair (August 7 - 23). I have always wanted to go to the state fair; I guess I have fond memories of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical. This year they're serving up Kelly Clarkson, MercyMe, Keith Urban and Jason Mraz as just a few of the headliners. Plus there's the 4-H culture. Side note: growing up in the Chicago suburbs does not prepare you for any intelligent discussion of 4-H, so please don't judge.
  • Indy Fringe Festival (August 21-30). My amazing roommate Christina is knee-deep in her work as an intern for the festival. If you see her at this ten-day theatre fest, give her a high-five for the program she designed. She's even spearheading a "radical marching band" that will perform. Insane creativity is sure to be afoot. It's happening on Indy's eclectic Mass Ave - a haven for the spectrum of artists.
  • Society of Professional Journalists National Convention (August 27-30). This is my first year as a member of SPJ, and of course the 100th anniversary convention is being hosted right down the street, and headquarters are in Indy. Colleague Alyson Ahrns and myself just started up Butler's chapter this past fall. 
  • Blog INDIANA (August 13-15). This is something I stumbled upon while sifting through Twitter. But the conference sure sounds cool. And when social media guru Brad J. Ward is speaking, you know its going to be good. Blogging + social media + socializing = amazing.
I am wincing as I write this - I cannot believe what I'm missing out on! But there you have it. 

Now your schedule is packed with awesome things to do, see and hear. Go! Register! Buy your tickets! I'll expect a full report when it's all over.


Meg B said...

Here's a link to the IndyFringe promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dNzJNT6qFc Looks like exciting stuff!

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