Friday, August 14, 2009

SOS: The Internet is "Down"!

On Wednesday morning I woke up to discover the Internet was down. The service provider wouldn't be able to come out to the house for at least 24 hours. My mom snickered and said, "Are you going to be okay?"

Regaining my composure, I said yes, of course I'd be fine. It was only 24 hours. Surely I wouldn't miss anything vital. But while waiting in the doctor's office that afternoon, I realized: I didn't need the Internet -- I could text my Twitter update. (Thank goodness the 'rents caved into an unlimited texting plan). So I did just that.

Throughout the day, though, I felt disconnected. I couldn't see my home page (NPR), nor could I read up on what my peers in the Twitterverse were doing. And when I wanted to find out who that actor was on that particular TV-show....I could not search the Internet Movie Database. While this all seems very trivial, I had to wonder: what would life be like without the Internet?

What are your thoughts? How could you handle 24 hours without the Internet? What would you do with your "free time"? Serious, trivial, ironic - I'd love to hear it all!


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